Key Dates

17 February University of Northumbria


Registration and outline proposal
15 May (lead CIDA)

Student teams register their interest on the competition web-site. This will include a business proposal, maximum of 800 words (3 pages max).

Evaluation, selection
21 May (lead CIDA/Lancaster with all)

A maximum of 20 teams will be selected based on their potential for development in a China/UK context.

Mentoring workshop, selection of 8 semi-finalists
26 May

The purpose of the workshop is to allow all teams to develop their ideas and pitching skills before groups are selected to go onto the second stage of the competition. As part of the workshop programme, teams will establish the features, market and benefits of their idea. All teams will then be invited to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges. Judges will select 8 teams to go through to the semi-finals. Students will be required to submit a 6 page business plan before this event.

23 June (lead Edinburgh)

Following the mentoring workshop the selected 8 teams will be required to extend their proposal to produce a business and present to a panel of judges. The evaluation will include UK-China relevance as well as normal business plan criteria. Arrangements will be:

  • Teams required to submit an extended business plan, (10 pages max) and ppt. presentation.
  • Teams to present business plans. You will have 15 minutes plus 10 minute Q&A
  • Judging, feedback to teams and selection of 4 finalists

Buffet lunch will be provided for audience and teams

7 July (host Bank of China, lead CIDA with all)

The four shortlisted UK finalists will compete head to head in the national final, pitching to a panel representing private and public sector organisations in the UK and China. Finalists will deliver a fifteen minute pitch and submit a condensed version of their business plan.